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Client Testimonials

True stories from small business sellers using this material and support.

“Before being introduced to Mike and his do-it-yourself courses, I had listed my hair salon with a local business broker. I didn’t know any better and got locked into a one-year ‘Exclusive Right of Sale’ contract. I didn’t get any offers. In fact, I had ZERO showings. What a waste of 12-months! I took the SellBiz full course (which was eye opening, because I’m sure my broker did few of the things taught in the course). I followed the steps and got four offers within three months of listing my business for-sale-by-owner. I just accepted one of the offers and expect to close this month. Thanks, Mike!”

Hair by JennyHair by Jenny

“I’ve started and sold several of my own small businesses. I thought I knew how to do it, but my last business sale was not going well. I spent a small fortune advertising on one of the popular business listing services. I got a few inquiries, but they were a waste of time. One of the prospects turned out to be a competitor and spread rumors that I was going out of business! I pulled the listing and read Mike’s ‘Sell Your Own Biz’ Guide to figure out what I was doing wrong. Armed with a better selling strategy I re-listed my business. Mike offered to screen inquiries for me, so I didn’t have to disclose the name and location of my business until the interested parties signed an NDA and were pre-qualified. Worked like a charm. Sold the business in 75 days. Now, I’m looking to buy another business with my profits and will be a lot smarter about selling when the time comes again. You’re in good hands with Mike’s materials and advice!”

T’s General StoreT’s General Store

“My Father-in-Law became very ill and we needed to sell our business quickly, so we could move back home to care for him. We needed to walk-away with every dime possible to make this life change. We didn’t want to pay a 10% broker fee. We figured we could sell our business ourselves a little below market and still come out ahead. We found Mike’s ‘Sell-Your-Business’ course by doing a Google search. The course (and Mike) were a blessing. We never even had to pay to advertise the sale. With Mike’s help, we identified several companies we thought might be interested in our business and reached out directly to them. We sold slightly ABOVE market price in just 40 days. The sale requires us to provide training and client-transition services to the buyer for six months, but we worked out a deal (again thanks to Mike’s guidance) to do that remotely. Dad’s better, life’s good. God bless you, Mike!”

Natura Massage and Skin CareNatura Massage and Skin Care

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Michael O'Donnell

Michael O'Donnell

Managing Partner

Michael's career spans 30-years as a venture capital-backed entrepreneur, author, and advisor. His expertise is starting, funding, buying and selling businesses -- specifically, technology companies. He founded Ask-Me Multimedia,,, and Leaves, Inc., among other companies. He was on the launch teams of CompuServe Sprynet, one of the first national Internet Service Providers (went public as part of CompuServe in 1996), and Design Intelligence (acquired by Microsoft). Michael has raised more than $50M in venture capital and has orchestrated numerous company spin-outs, acquisitions and successful exits. He is an active angel investor and advisor, with investments in numerous early-stage companies. He has run an international high tech accelerator, a federally-funded entrepreneurial training program, and a venture capital fund. As the founder/CEO of, Michael has assisted more than 25,000 startups with strategy, financing and exits. As the Managing Director of, Michael has assisted hundreds of small business owners to prepare for exit and achieve a successful sale. Michael is the author of several best-selling books and a popular blogger and speaker on starting, buying and selling a business. Connect with him on LinkedIn at


  • Will I really learn (and get) EVERYTHING I need to sell my business?

    Yes, GUARANTEED! This is the most comprehensive course and personal guide for selling your own business ever created. Whether you want the Full Course, or just help with a particular step, you get all the best practices, examples, forms and templates -- plus support from a professional business broker along the way. Pocket the broker commission and sell your own business.

  • How long do I have to take a course I purchase?

    You have one year to complete a course from the day of purchase.

  • Are the courses refundable if I am not satisfied?

    You can try any of the Mini-Courses and receive a full refund if you are not satisfied. The Full Course is not refundable.

  • What guidance and support is available during the course?

    The instructor is available by phone, email and online chat to answer questions regarding the material and what you need to do to complete the step you are focused on in the selling process. The instructor can assist you with selling your business and perform services under separate agreement if you need it.

  • If I purchase a Mini-Course and wish to upgrade to the Full Course, will you apply the price I paid for the Mini-Course to the price of the Full Course?

    Yes. By taking the Full Course you save $190.

Best Practices on Selling a Small Business

Check out our authoritative articles and links for small business owners planning to sell or hand down their business within three years.